in STEAMHack you will...


Why Agile Software Development in Practice?

Agile is the ability to adapt and respond to changes. It is a way to deal with and excel in uncertain and turbulent environment.

Develop your experience in a real-world challenges within a Team Project


STEAMHack Project  Includes…

  • STEAMHack Practitioner (Mentor)
  • A balanced team of 4/5 participants
  • Readiness sprints (guided development hours per sprint)
  • Team meeting per sprint (guided team meetings per project)
  • Online Team collaboration channel
  • Access+ to sponsored and host resources or licenses
  • One to One support where required
  • Guided self-paced instructional content
  • Competitive team participation in the Hackathon (guided project execution and evaluations)
  • Official STEAMHack Team Certificate
  • Official STEMAHack Individual Certificate

STEAMHack Practice  Includes…

Requirements . . .

Community in Partnership

At the heart of STEM Education

* Eligibility: You must be over 18, have Right to Work in the UK and live in the GBSLEP More Developed Area (Birmingham, Solihull, Bromsgrove, Redditch or Wyre Forest).

School of Computing and Digital Technology

A community of innovative practice

‘empowering the will to succeed through employable practice’
‘transforming Individuals, effecting Families, efficient Communities’